Compost Reboot 

I have a compost bin. It is a terrible terrible place. It is filled with everything a compost bin should not be filled with, in particular clumps of soil and weeds. So many weeds. Of course this is not of my doing. My dad is a fiend for trying to compost the uncompostabils. If that’s a word. Today I decided to dump the lot and start again.

Opening up the bin a d forking the lot into a wheelbarrow for dumping was a brief and sorrowful task. Sorrow for the year wasted composting crap that will would never serve any other purpose but to be dumped in a pile to be bulldozed into a building site.

Once I got of all that crap it time to restart the bin. Only grass cuttings this year I tell myself. Better get a sign up on the bin the  my subconscious screams back at me. With he lawn freshly cut I rake up a token pile of grass and shovel it into the bi  starting the pile on it one or two year long journey towards becoming something more useful than a simple mulch.

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