Peppers Rising

The last two years have been a disaster for my peppers. Longer winter’s with a summer filled with cold wet weather meant slow developing pepper plants yielding small amounts of fruit late into the autumn. A really frustrating two years considering my first year gardening produced numerous plants delivering loads of large peppers with relative ease.

This year I WANT my peppers back. I’ve gotten good seeds and plenty of them. I’m putting them down en masse and have resolved to keep a very close eye on their development. Starting the seed trays indoors in a warm sun facing room for almost two weeks has given them a good start and the seedlings started to push their way out the soil. I immediately moved them out to the greenhouse as I’ve already had some problems with leggy seedlings this season. This seems to have the effect and slowing their growth a little as they move to a slightly colder environment but that’s ok. They can take their time now and gain strength and develop properly. As I put them down two seeds to a plug some may need thinning out once they really get going. Only time will tell now if there’ll be enough seedlings developing for the thinning.

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