Red hot chilli pepper seedlings

After what seems like an interminable age my chilli peppers have finally sprouted. You might remember from an earlier post how I tried a little experiment with these. I topped half the seeds withmy standard compost mix and topped the other half with just a little vrrmaculite. I wanted to see if either of the toppings would make any difference to how quickly or succesfully the seeds would sprout. As you can see from the following photo there was virtually no difference whatsoever.

With the compost topping 3 of 6 seedlings came up. With the vermiculite topping 3 of 5 came up. So very little difference and a test set too small to draw any specific conclusions.

Another set of chilli seeds this time Tokyo Hot showed the Sammie results 2 seedlings for each topping type and one failure for each. From this little experiment I’ve concluded that the topping type doesn’t really matter and I’d be better saving the vermiculite for mixing with potting compost to make my standard potting mix.

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