Mulch Much?

For the last two years I’ve been growing some laurel hedging around the outside of my patio. The main function of the laurel is for cover on the patio from the cold and strong winds that blow through. The area ia fairly exposed to the winds so strong tall laurels should help break it up a bit.

Anyway, the area around the base of the plants has been infested with weeds and I’ve never gotten round to sorting out the mess. Until now. This year’s I’m covering the whole base with bark clippings for two reasons. Mulching can kill off and keep down the weeds and to create a nicer aesthetic around the patio area.

I’m putting down large bags of bark and spreading it quite thickly. A thin layer of mulch may as well not be there. The weeds will just come back. A thick mulch blocks out all the light and suffocated the weeds. I also make sure the bark isn’t gathered too close to the laurels base. Piling up bark around the base might end up trapping too much moisture and causing disease or mould to take a grip and destroy the plant and hence a few years of growth.

At €7 a bag and a thick spread it’ll take a few weeks to get the whole area mulchedbut I think it’ll be worth it and give the patio a clean vibrant look.

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