Potting on Sunflowers

A lot more of my seeds are failing this year than I’d like to admit however the sunflowers are doing terrifically well so far. I put down seeds both inside and outside and both are coming up. The outside seeds are planted in a bed and are just now starting to peek above the soil. The seeds in the greenhouse have been shooting up fast and today had stems on average about one to two inches long. Time to move them on.

I’m using three inch pots to transfer the seedlings from seed trays. There’s many ways of pricking out seedlings from trays but I find using a teaspoon is a great way to scoop them out with the roots and surrounding soil intact.

Moving them into their new pots I pack down the new compost a little but not too hard. This is so when I lightly water the pots later the soil won’t be so loose it starts swimming around the pot. Once the seedlings get settled I’ll water from the bottom but for now I want to make sure the water gets down to the disrupted root system.

So for the minute I have 36 sunflowers potted on. It’ll be interesting to see if they all survive the process and continue to develop. I hope they do as we had a great but small batch of sunflowers last year and I’d love a big batch this year to give the mass green of the garden a complimentary lift of yellow.

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