Weeds and Housekeeping

I spent a good portion of this bakinghot a Bank Holiday digging through my two flowers beds trying to pull up the remains of last years disastrous foray into wildflowers. The beds ending up a jungle of weedy looking plants that all bore pretty much the same orange flower. Not much variation and messy to look at. Three years previously we had put down Miracle Gro flower mix into the then new beds to great effect. It was one of the most amazing, colourful and varied beds I’d ever seen and I was very proud to have it in my garden. Every year since has been an effort to recreate those wonderful sights and smells without any success.

I’m finding that the weeds that have now established themselves in the bed tend to take over before any flower seeds can come up and establish themselves. This year I’m getting very aggressive with the beds and the war against the weeds has ramped up. I sprayed down the beds with a herbicide to kill of everything. Two weeks later I raked off the loose dead plants and then used a fork to lift the more stubborn deep rooted ones. This week I plant to fork the entire bed deeply to try and pull out all the long sprawling and the thick deep reaching weeds roots. I’ll continue this until I’m just about to put down the new seeds.