The Beast has Landed

The Beast from the East has landed here with a vengeance. Almost 4 inches of snow has piled up overnight. The lawn that has already been struggling and cutting up from months of heavy rain is now covered in a sheet of white. The daffodils only recently courageous enough to pop their heads above ground are now being drowned in a sea of white. Thankfully I haven’t yet gotten up to planting up window boxes, putting down bulbs or spreading seed. If I had, I’d have no doubt they’d all be wiped out and destroyed by the cold. The only plants outside worth protecting were my strawberry plants which were only new from runners last year. I threw a fleece over them late last night and as you can see below that was just in time to prevent them being swallowed up by the oncoming snow drifts.


I shook the fleece out this morning ensuring the plants won’t have a heavy and freezing weight piling upon them. I think that fleece will be in place for at least a week or two.

The greenhouse was covered with snow and you can see below how dark the inside was with the shroud of snow blocking all the light. A few quick swipes with a yard brush managed to clear that up. The temperature inside dropped sharply overnight to 0 degrees Celsius. Mild ice formed from the water pools left from watering the over wintering and new plants.


I hope this shock weather clears up soon. Once again Irish weather has shown itself to be utterly unpredictable and subject to drastic change on a whim. This doesn’t bode well for this years gardening but hopefully we’ll get a bit more consistency after this storm blows over.

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