The Beast is Being Tamed

We’re into the third day of the Beast from the East and things are starting to turn now. No new snow last night and there are signs of a thaw kicking in. What was previously a clean white sheet of snow is thinning out to once again reveal the grasses, plants and driveways.

The biggest sign of change is that the temperature in the greenhouse has risen from 0 degrees Celsius yesterday to 5 degrees today by mid morning. The water gathered at the bottom on the watering trays no longer has icy shards running through it or curling up around the pot bottoms. This is a bit of a relief as I have a few plants either over wintering or coming up early in pots.

I have about 30 strawberry plants taken from last years plants runners sitting tight before they get transplanted outside, hopefully into new dedicated beds. I also have a number of flower bulbs coming up, snowdrops, hyacinths and tulips. I hope to get some of these hardened off and planted out in the next week. The others such as the hyacinths are growing as potted flowers for use around the house. These are my favourite flowers and the smell of them around the house makes a great incentive for getting up in the morning.


Another practice I’m trying to get into the habit of this year is giving the wildlife in the garden a bit of a hand up. Given the current weather and the scarcity of food, an obvious start seemed to be putting out some bird feeders. We have two nice little robins that hang around our gateway so I hung up seed feeders for them and other small birds.


They’re already proving very popular and are helping the birds keep going in this harsh weather. Hopefully the weather will turn soon and the birds can get back to foraging among the tress and lawns.

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