Some early colour

Before the Beast hit I put down a number of flower bulbs both new and old.

I happened upon a great deal on hyacinth bulbs having spent the last two season unsuccessfully looking for bulbs locally. I put down a lot of these bulbs in pots so that I could have some great pots of their beautiful perfume around the house. I had a few bulbs over so rather than wasting them I put them down in the greenhouse to see how they went. They came up just fine although a lot slower than the bulbs planted in pots and kept in the house. Obviously the cold weather has a stagnating effect on their development. No harm. It just means that I have bulbs coming into flower at different stages and I extend the period where they are dotted around the house. Lesson learned for next year.

20180322_084733 (1)

I also had a number of primroses sitting around in three inch pots from last year. I really thought these guys were dead and buried as they never really developed last year. However I left them in their pots and over wintered them in the greenhouse. To my great surprise and delight they started to bloom a few weeks ago when the temperatures started to come up slightly. This is just another example to me of how resilient plants can be.


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