Pumpkin Problems

Was a having a bbusytime this week and it clear slipped my mind to check on my seeds that I have squirrels away ina warm room upstairs in the house. When I finally got back to them I was pretty shocked to find two pumpkins seeds had shot up to a ridiculous length one r the previous 2 or 3 days.

These two were so leggy they could have given Mo Farrah a run for his money. And yet the other three seeds hadn’t budged as far as I could see. Now i know these are probably way too leggy to properly develop into good plants but i really hate to throw out  seedling without giving it a chance. For the time being I have a spare raised bed so I pulled out the leggy seedlings and buried them deep enough so that only a small amount of the leggy stem was showing above the surface of the soil.

I doused them with a good strong tomato feed and water mix to give them a good start. No time for hardening off or clothes with these two. They’ll either sink or swim and if they sink they’ll be replaced with the next batch of seeds which I’ll probably now have to put down.

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